Californios Review

Californios: A Review from the Ends of the Earth was a quarterly literary review that ran from 2012 – 2014. Each issue featured new fiction, poetry, and criticism from emerging west-coast writers. All issues can be downloaded below:


californios-spring-2014: Featuring work by Jon Bartel, Christian Bearup, Rebecca Card-Hyatt, Jesse Cone, Elena Johnston, and Andrew Oxenham.


Californios V2 F2013 Issue (1) (dragged)

californios-fall-2013: Featuring work by Susannah Luthi, Melissa Gutierrez, Amy Katherine Cannon, Chris Davidson, and Lisa Oka.



californios-spring-2013: Featuring work by Brian Breed, Robert Kirkendall, J. Nicholas Maurer, Megan Mueller, Yone Noguchi, and Robert Tiffin.


Winter 2013 Logo

Californios, Winter 2013: Featuring work by Leilani Brim, Anton Frost, Holly Ordway, Marilyn Leider, and Jenny Fengler.


FALL 2012

Californios – Fall 2012: Featuring work by Phillip Aijian, Anna Barber, t.a.b.carroll, Jonathan Diaz, Christain Bearup, Jayne Meyncke, and Benjamin E. Bartel. See below for the featured song by Benjamin Bartel: